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Excellent job hunting tips for the newly graduated people

CV and job application letter are one of the most important things when applying for work. Well, for you who are confused about how to create a good CV, the first step is to note first the job position you want to ask If the job seems formal, then you do not need to create a CV that is too creative. Make a professional CV, and make sure that information about yourself is complete in the CV. Use a formal but interesting sentence to attract attention.

Make Sure Your Email Address is Professional

If your email address is still, well, it helps you to create a new, more professional email address. It is best to use your real name as an email address to make it more recognizable. Psst, according to Farai, many companies will think again if you are still using Yahoo or AOL as a personal e-mail. It’s too last year. Gmail is the best e-mail account option you should have. Of course with a professional account name, yes!

Don’t be Too Picky

Make sure you read these points carefully! It’s good you send CV to several companies at once, ranging from the company you are coveted until the company that could be a backup if the worst happens later. Most people only send CVs to companies that they really want – even if they know that the position is hard to come by. Idealists are okay, but would be smarter if you have a backup plan, right? Agree?