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Here are Some Ways To Keep Your Air Conditioner Durable

If you have an air conditioner at home, of course, you need a good care and cleaning of the tool. cause, you’ll need it every day. if the tool is damaged, it would be better if you use the services of air conditioning service to be handled properly and appropriately.

In addition, if you want a durable air conditioner, then some of these ways you can do.

1. Do not set the air conditioner temperature below 22 degrees
Too often set the temperature of the air conditioner under 22 degrees Celsius will make the machine water conditioner hot fast. In addition, the temperature is the most appropriate room temperature.

2. Perform routine cleaning for the interior of the air conditioner
Cleaning this section you can do once a month so the air is not too murky. We recommend that if the cloudy, then you can do it twice in a month.

3. Check Freon
It would be better if you check every once in 6 months on Freon air conditioner.